LED Light Bar Installed on a Jeep

Get a Quality LED Light Bar

 Do you need some extra lights on you Jeep or truck to light up your campground during a weekend  of off roading? What about to help you navigate across rocky terrain at dusk? Whatever off road adventure you have planned, installing an LED light bar from  Zombie Lighting™  can enhance the experience and help keep everyone safe. We are committed to providing our customers with the best off  road lights and quality customer service. Give us a call or browse through our shop online to choose the right LED light bar for your off road vehicle. 

Why Choose a Zombie LED Light Bar?


When it comes to choosing a light bar, there are two main factors to consider.  First you want to think about the IP rating. This rating tells you how much defense the light bar has against damage from the elements as well as against debris. Next you want to choose the right lumen.  Lumen measure the brightness of the lights. The higher the lumen, the brighter the lights.

 Zombie Lighting™  provides top quality LED light bars, all with an IP rating of 67.  This means they are totally protected from damage caused by sand, debris and water. You can drive through a downpour with these off road lights and not think twice about it. In addition to incredibly durability, Zombie Lighting™  LED light bars are extremely bright, with lumen starting at 5,000. 

Jeep with an LED Light Bar from Zombie Lighting.

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Before you set out on your next off road adventure, be sure to visit  Zombie Lighting™  to purchase a dependable LED light bar.  You never know when having extra light could be necessary, not to mention they give your Jeep a unique, rugged appearance.