Installed Truck Spotlight

An after dark off road adventure might sound fun, but it can also be unnecessarily dangerous without the right lighting equipment.  Deer and other animals can easily jump in front of your Jeep or truck before you see them with only regular headlights.  If you’re planning a midnight adventure, or just spend a lot of time driving your truck on windy country roads, consider installing a Jeep or truck spotlight from  Zombie Lighting™ in Fort Worth, TX. We make our Machete Series lights with Cree LED lights to ensure optimum lighting capacity.  Browse the selection online or give us a call at (817) 834-4900. 

Truck Spotlight vs. Floodlight

 A Jeep or truck spotlight will allow you to see farther into the distance than your regular headlights. By installing a jeep spotlight, you’ll be prepared for curves, dips or obstacles in the road long before you get there.  A truck or Jeep floodlight offers a wider beam, allowing you to see the road in front of you from shoulder to shoulder.  This comes in handy when you are driving in an area known to have high wildlife traffic.  Where you intend to go off roading will determine the type of light you want to install on your Jeep or truck.  Let staff at  Zombie Lighting™  help you determine what type of light you need.

Truck Spotlight

Truck Spotlight


Get the Best Lighting Setup

 Many off roading enthusiasts find that installing just a truck spotlight or just a set of jeep floodlights isn’t really enough.  So they install both. Here are  Zombie Lighting™  in Fort Worth, TX, we encourage our customers to choose the right lighting setup for your needs and safety requirements. Give us a call at (817) 834-4900 or shop online to get the best lights for your after dark off road adventure today.