Extra bright Curved Light Bar

Better Lighting: Curved LED Light BAR

 There are times when the traditional style just isn’t enough. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to choosing between a straight or curved light bar from Zombie Lighting™ . While the technical specifications (i.e. lumen, IP rating, etc.) are the same, a curved LED light bar creates a cleaner appearance on your car, truck or Jeep my fitting snugly into the contour of the vehicle. When need a sleek, classy look, curved light bars are the way to go.  Browse through our selection online or contact the shop for more information.

Straight vs. Curved Light Bar

 In addition to creating a clean look for the exterior of your vehicle, a curved LED light bar also provides a wider area of light. The angles of the bulbs allows the bar to cast light in several different directions.  This makes them an ideal choice for camping and off roading. All other aspects of curved and straight LED light bars are exactly the same, including their capabilities to cast flood or spot beams. 

Curved Led Light Bar

Curved Led Light Bar

Curved LED Light Bar

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For more information about the difference between a straight or curved LED light bar, contact the staff at Zombie lighting.  Don’t forget to browse through our selection of off road lights online to choose the right curved light bar for your Jeep, truck or other off road vehicle.